“Mathew Bennett is simply one of the best portrait photographers that Toronto has to offer! He has an eye to capture what is there - no tricks, no smoke and no mirrors. Matt pays a lot of attention to detail without fussing, he allowed me to always know what he was seeing and was encouraging as we worked toward his vision. Brilliant. Matt makes the work fun”.


"A true Artist, Matt takes the time to talk to you and get to know you making it a collaborative effort. He has a unique way of bringing the story you tell behind your eyes to the lens. Relaxing and enjoyable, Matt has the ability to capture your image and discover someone you didn’t even know you were”!


“First off, I was thrilled and so was my agent with the photos but the overall experience and how Matt was able to coach me throughout the session was unparalleled in my experience with photographers”.


“Matt has the ability to immediately put you at ease. I’ve had a long hiatus from the industry and forgot how to be comfortable ‘posing’. I downright felt insecure about it! He worked his magic and I forget that I was “posing’ and the result were great looking photos. Matt is not just a photographer - he’s an artist with a keen eye and the skills to bring out the best in you”! 


“My photo session with Matt was a blast! It was intense and spirited, relaxed and comfortable because it was a trusted place to be. Let’s face it, being in front of the camera is not often easy. Matt’s abilities to put me at ease, allowed me to play. How wonderful”.


“In addition to having a great eye for photography, Matt has a gift of making you feel very at ease and confident in front of the camera, which in my humble opinion is somethingthat can't be taught. The results we got from working together far exceeded my expectations”.


“I enjoyed working with Matt. He has a technique that helps to build up a variety of emotions for headshots. Also, he understands different angels of beauty and it’s supercomfortable to shoot with him. Last but not least, Matt gave me pictures next week after the session”.


“I’ve always found the process of getting headshots made me anxious and I also never entirely got what I set out for until I worked with you, Matt. The best session I’ve made in my 20 year career”


“A fun time sitting for Matt. He immediately put me at ease with his gracious manner, energy, attention to detail, enthusiasm and willingness to think outside the box. Loved the photos”.


“Having shot with many of Canada’s leading photographers over the past 40 years I can safely say that Matthew is a consummate professional. He not only sees his subject from the lens of refined technical skill, he also views the shoot from the perspective of a highly skilled artist. Matt's direction is informative and thought provoking and the photographic results well exceed any logical expectations by leaps and bounds. I’d work with Matthew again in a heartbeat. So should you”.


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