The AFC (formerly the Actors’ Fund of Canada) is a non-profit organization that helps professionals in need within the Canadian Entertainment Industry.

By assisting members in crisis with personal support, advocacy, emergency financial aid and more, THE AFC HELPS Canadian Arts Workers maintain their dignity during exceptionally challenging times. 

In 2019 the AFC distributed over $700 000 to help entertainment professionals with unforeseen emergencies and in 2020 that number rose to $1.4 million - more than twice their budget. 

The AFC is not funded by the government and as they continue to expand their programs to the areas of professional development, mental health and their continued distribution of essential financial relief - they very much need our support.  

Please consider making a tax deductible DONATION TO THE AFC which will have a direct & positive effect in the lives of Canadian Arts Workers & their families in their time of need.

With thanks - Matt