New Ray Pictures is a Toronto based production company helmed by  Matthew Bennett. With a focus on Headshot, Portrait & Beauty Photography, Matthew brings decades of cinematic experience to his work as a Photographer & creates message defining visuals that set his clients apart.

Matthew Bennett is an award winning Actor, Filmmaker & Photographer who has worked in the Canadian Entertainment Industry for nearly 30 years. He has had major roles in more than 15 films & has been a Leading Actor in over 50 television series including Orphan BlackTakenMurdoch Mysteries & Battlestar Galactica where he played Cylon #5, Aaron Doral.

The film & production knowledge that Matthew has developed in his remarkable career has allowed him to create a powerful skill set that he brings to all his work as a Photographer. Matthew’s visual eye is unique & his communication skills are exceptional.

When it comes to Headshots Matthew believes they are not only an Actor’s "calling card" but an essential tool that can be critical to success. "A Headshot isn’t just a photograph - it’s a story of how you want to be seen and is one of the most powerful assets an Actor has in their control".

Matthew’s Photographic services are recommended by Toronto Talent Agents & Casting Directors and he can be contacted via email to start a conversation about creating the photos that will bring your career to the next level.

For Matthew's work as an Actor & Filmmaker please follow these links to his Demo Reel and IMDB page.


“Mathew Bennett is simply one of the best portrait photographers that Toronto has to offer! He has an eye to capture what is there - no tricks, no smoke and no mirrors. Matt pays a lot of attention to detail without fussing and allowed me to always know what he was seeing. Brilliant. Matt makes the work fun”.


"A true Artist, Matt takes the time to talk and get to know you making it a collaborative effort. He has a unique way of bringing the story in your eyes to the lens and has the ability to capture your image and discover someone you didn’t know you were”!


If you are looking for a totally transformative shoot, I want to highly recommend Matt Bennett. The process from start to finish felt completely organic. Matt invested the time not only to familiarise himself with me as an actor, but as a person. The dialog we exchanged during our session was nothing short of cathartic. I would shoot with Matt again in a heartbeat and am grateful for the introduction that led me to him. What a truly amazing experience. 


“My photo session with Matt was a blast! It was intense and spirited, relaxed and comfortable because it was a trusted place to be. Let’s face it, being in front of the camera is not often easy and Matt’s ability to put me at ease, allowed me to play. How wonderful”.


“Working with Matt was the essential next step in my career as an artist. Together, we were able to arrive at an organic, truthful and compelling product that I will be happy to use for many years to come".


“Having shot with many of Canada’s leading photographers over the past 40 years I can safely say that Matthew is a consummate professional. He not only sees his subject from the lens of refined technical skill, he also views the shoot from the perspective of a highly skilled artist. Matt's direction is informative and thought provoking and the photographic results well exceed any logical expectations by leaps and bounds. I’d work with Matthew again in a heartbeat”.


It was a pleasure to work with Matt. He is truly passionate about making great photographs. My entire experience was nothing short of amazing and the images are beyond stunning. I would highly recommend Matt he is simply one of the best.


My photo shoot experience with Matt was awesome! He really takes the time to learn your angles and what will bring out your best features. He is very detailed with his lighting and makes you feel comfortable enough to let go and be in the moment. The edited pictures came back absolutely stunning. 


Working with Matt was a great opportunity for me as a model in the industry. He is a professional who built a connection with a me and the entire team right away which helped to get great results! I really admire the way Matt works with a light in the studio and the photographs are beautiful! As a result of our work together my Model Book is ready to submit to agencies.


“In addition to having a great eye for photography, Matt has a gift of making you feel very at ease and confident in front of the camera, which in my humble opinion is something that can't be taught. The results we got from working together far exceeded my expectations”.


“I’ve always found the process of getting headshots made me anxious and I also never entirely got what I set out for until I worked with Matt. The best photo session I’ve had in my 20 year career”.


“Matt has the ability to immediately put you at ease. He worked his magic and I forget that I was “posing” and the result were great looking photos. Matt is not just a photographer - he’s an artist with a keen eye and the skills to bring out the best in you”! 


“First off, I was thrilled and so was my agent with the photos but the overall experience and how Matt was able to coach me throughout the session was unparalleled in my experience with photographers”.


"You know when you meet & work with someone for the very first time but it feels like you have before? That's what it was like shooting with Matt. A great creative energy from start to finish. The pictures looked amazing during the shoot and the finals were even better".

“A fun time sitting for Matt. He immediately put me at ease with his gracious manner, energy, attention to detail, enthusiasm and willingness to think outside the box. Loved the photos”.


Working with Matt was really great and refreshing. Matt has incredible attention to detail and puts you at ease in the studio. He is able to tap into your energy levels to bring out the best in you! Matt took some amazing photos of me and was really able to capture the powerful image I wanted to portray! I can't wait to work with him again!!