New Ray Pictures is a Toronto based concept to delivery production company helmed by Actor/Photographer Matthew Bennett

With a focus on Headshot, Portrait & Beauty Photography, Matthew brings over 25 years of cinematic experience to every project & creates message defining visuals that set his clients apart.

My name is Matt Bennett and I've been involved in the Canadian Film & Television Industry for over 25 years as an Actor & Writer/Director which has allowed me to develop a unique and highly tuned skill set that I bring to all my work as a Photographer.

I understand how stressful photo sessions can be and one of the main aspects of my job as a Photographer is to limit that pressure by helping my clients get in the right state of mind.

My skills as an Actor help me effectively communicate with my clients and as a Writer/Director I understand how story & frame can best serve my client's purpose & needs.


When it comes to Headshots I believe they are an essential tool that can be critical to success and one of the most powerful assets an Actor has in their control.

An Actor's Headshot is their calling card and if it’s the first time an Agent, Casting Director or Producer is seeing what an actor looks like it’s an incredible opportunity to create the right "first impression" or to change a negative one that's been made.

Photo sessions with me are simple, fun & easy, so send me an email and let’s start a conversation about the direction we can take to represent how you want to be seen and bring your best image to life.


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